Getting Those Landing Pages Prepared

Although search engine optimization is a complex and shifting discipline, some things stay the same for quite a considerable period. In other words, things like the frequent and regular supply of high-quality content never appear to go out of fashion. SEO is not just about experimental innovation but also about ensuring that ‘the basics’ are delivered to a high standard. One thing which fits neatly into the basics category is the necessity of getting the landing pages on a site ready for visitors. A lack of preparation in this area can have a detrimental effect.

At SubmitShop.Com, we get the basics of SEO right and share our knowledge because we believe that well-informed clients are better placed to enter mutually beneficial relationships with reputable firms like ours.

It is important to recognize that landing pages should not be treated just like the other pages of a site. They have a specific function and thus cannot be seen similarly to pages with no such mission. Perhaps it is instructive to consider them slightly inferior relations to the home page. The home page must seduce new users into interacting with your site. Similarly, the landing pages have to perform an important welcoming role. This means certain adjustments to these pages can have beneficial effects. It is crucial to recall that every site is different, so there are no ‘one size fits all solutions in this aspect of optimization.

The links a site has contrived to obtain will bring users into the site on diverse pages. Hence it is prudent that your landing pages treat your traffic in such a way that it is likely to stick. No site needs a high bounce rate. Search engine optimization cannot stop you from getting traffic; it needs to continue so that users linger, find what they want, make purchases and return to the site regularly. Accomplishing all these things is far from straightforward, but the task is even more arduous if a site’s landing pages do not do their job properly.

The landing pages should convey some information to new users about the business whose site they have found themselves on. Regardless of how the user has got there, any disorientation should be avoided. Thus it usually makes sense for landing pages to have some corporation information featured. The detail need not stray towards the complex because the basic idea normally draws the user onwards. It is a question of succinctly letting people into the secret of what you are all about. They may have some notions already, but not all users will.

The landing page can incorporate various other elements. A contact us box may be a shrewd move, displaying landline and email addresses at the minimum. A landing page should help users along paths that will lead them to what they seek. If there is a lack of clarity in this vital area, users may be frustrated and leave the site prematurely.