Article Writing and Submission of Articles

Article Submission is the way to promote your website and link that produces true results almost immediately. Our specialists provide you with full reports to ensure that you stay on top of your link campaign. Article submission is a service in which individuals can search and required documents through any keyword. As name keyword depicts that it is a key, but the key for searching any article or any document. This helps a person not to waste any time just searching. Keywords help to give a response(document) in which it is found.

We are having so many search engines available on the net to make our work easier and more exact. The available search engines are:-

Alta Vista and Excite enable users to search for documents on the World Wide Web and USENET newsgroups. Typically, a SEARCH ENGINES works by sending out a web to fetch the required data. Another program named INDEXER reads these documents and creates an index of those documents (data).

Each search engine uses an algorithmic approach (these are stepwise procedures to attain a particular goal) for creating indexes so that the user will not fall sick of searching and will also get the exact output that he has required.

Moreover, ARTICLE SUBMISSION has a great deal of importance, it is basically a step to get linked to new brands or sites and also to increase traffic for any purpose you can take a marketing site, e-commerce, health related sites or any other sites which are ready to give you relevant output which a user needs.

Article Submission Service site gives you a way where you can do manual submission of your URL on the major search engines (which accept web site through manual submission only).Manual submission means that we are going to save your hard earned money and also to provide a better and appropriate result to our user.So this will boost your ranking.

Article Submission Service provides you to explore your writing skills, fulfill your creative urge, at open article submission we promote quality authors.We are INDIA’s leading web article submission / article distribution center.

Our users are valuable and we know that what ever our user wants we provide it in a better way than any other service provider.Here are few search engines:-
4.Open Directory


  • We are here from 1999.Moreover we provide a manual approach for submitting your article.
  • We crate a unique account and email id for individuals.
  • We will submit you reports of daily.
  • Chances of article approval are greater (around 50%).
  • We provide you those sites where your article get published in two weeks time.