Top Benefits Of Using Free Online Index Checking Tool

Before knowing the benefits of the Index checking tool, first, we will discuss what is Google index. Google index is the procedure of indexing the web pages in Google’s search and Google will crawl our pages and index them. Today there are so many sources to rank your website high in the Google search engine results.


  • This tool is very beneficial for SEO experts, webmasters, and website owners because this tool gives you all the details that how many of your web pages get indexed by the Google search engine in a quick and easy manner.
  • By getting an idea of web pages, webmasters, SEO experts, and other website owners are aware and they will do their best to fix the problems or issues in their pages so that Google will index their pages and increase the organic traffic to their web pages. To increase the traffic on your website, today there are so many resources available like mobile indexing and many more.
  • This tool is very simple to use, you can just add your URL in the given field, and gives you results within a few seconds that whether your website’s pages get indexed or not and also gives the count of your website’s pages that are indexed by Google.
  • The main advantage of this tool is that you can check the results of up to 25 URLs simultaneously and this tool can also give you the option of exporting an excel file in the result.
  • Another benefit is that there are not any unwanted ads or other fraudulent material which irritates a lot.

So, if you want to be in the top of the Google search engine results, do different SEO strategies and try this Index checking tool to know its indexing on the web pages and gives strong competition to your competitors.

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