Moz Enhances Security and Service Quality with New Credit Card Policy for API Free Tier

Free domain authority checker tools in trouble! Moz updates its API policy, requiring a credit card for free access. This impacts website rank checkers & SEO tools. Find out what you need to do to keep using these tools.

Moz, a leading SEO tool sector figure, has announced a pivotal update to the account management and access policies for its API Free Tier. Effective March 1st, 2024, the company will require all Free Tier users to have a valid, non-expired credit card on file, a move set to enforce starting March 15th, 2024. This initiative is designed to bolster service quality and fortify against fraudulent activities, ensuring Moz continues offering its users top-notch services.

While the new requirement for a credit card might initially seem daunting, Moz assures its users that this is a security measure; there will be no charges for accessing Free Tier services. The primary goal is to create a safer, more secure environment, elevating the user experience for those utilizing Moz’s comprehensive SEO and website analytics tools.

This policy revision will impact various tools and services that rely on the Moz API, especially those centred around domain authority and website ranking assessments. Tools such as the free domain authority checker, which are instrumental for SEO experts in evaluating the domain authority score, page authority (PA), and MozRank of websites, will require users to comply with the new credit card policy. This measure ensures continued access to these essential services, including the Link Explorer and Keyword Explorer.

The suite of Moz Metrics—comprising domain authority (DA), PA, MozRank, along with the Link and Keyword Explorers—is critical for users aiming to check domain authority, gauge SEO effectiveness, and enhance website rank. The new policy underscores Moz’s commitment to maintaining the integrity and reliability of these metrics, which are vital for SEO checker and website rank checker functionalities.

Moreover, the Moz API, offering a wide array of services from SEO API, link building API, domain name API, to competitive intelligence API and marketing API, remains a cornerstone for digital marketing strategies. This policy change reaffirms Moz’s dedication to providing secure, high-quality API services to its community, enabling users to effectively leverage SEO and marketing insights for their competitive advantage.

Moz encourages all Free Tier account holders to act promptly by visiting the API Free Tier sign-up page and logging in with their Moz API account. This step is crucial for users to verify their payment method, check the expiration of their current card, and update their card details if necessary, ensuring uninterrupted access to Moz’s valuable services.

By introducing this credit card requirement, Moz is taking a significant step forward in ensuring the sustainability and security of its services. This move is part of Moz’s broader strategy to deliver high-quality, reliable, and secure SEO and marketing tools to its user base, reinforcing its position as a trusted partner for SEO professionals and website owners worldwide.

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