New SEO Techniques

The Internet is the best place to expand on your business, but it is difficult to rank better in searches because there are too many websites which means the competition is high. Also, the algorithm that is responsible for how you rank is constantly changing. They are improving their code and using artificial intelligence to help them gather data. So, you have to adapt to all the changes if you want to stay updated.

When you have your own site where you can do business, make money, or just promote your company, your goal is to be number 1 on Google. Search Engine Optimization has become more complicated, and now the user experience is more important than ever. Every detail matters, so try to figure out what your customers want, so you can implement it. There are a lot of programs that can help you do this.

Gather Information about Your Company

At the beginning of SEO practices, people just used as many keywords as they could to beat their competition. A lot has changed from then and not many factors outside the algorithm matter. The first thing every website owner should do is run an analysis of their business. There are programs like Google Analytics where you can check details about your site, but the information you will put there is more important.

When you do an analysis of your company and then use a program or an SEO company to check where you should make an improvement, you can start doing optimization. Collecting data has become a crucial part of any business, and everyone is looking to have a database as Facebook does. When you have all the needed information you can move on to improving your website.

User Experience

The most valuable information you can have is what users want. This way you can use that information and implement it. This is done by gathering information based on their behavior on all the websites you have. Because the algorithm changed, things like how long users spend time on a single page matters. You can do simple experiments like placing videos on your pages to see if users will stay longer then.

If you check some of the most popular companies and their websites, you will see how everything is very simple. This is more appealing to the customer, and they are more likely to interact in some way with the site. This can be done through commenting, liking, or sharing. If you have an online store, you can use moving pictures that will represent how a certain product works.

Mobile Friendly

Everyone can notice that people are spending more time on their mobiles than on PC, laptops or similar devices. Google also knows this very well, and they are giving a plus for everyone that has a mobile-friendly website. You can now optimize it like a desktop version with a key point being on user experience. The content should be resized and pictures and videos placed in such a way that it will make the user watch it. For example, you can have an introduction text and underneath it a video, and under the video, there should be text that explains the video further. Read more here.


When you visit a certain site with a lot of text, without any images or videos, you probably won’t spend too much time on it. This happens because people like visual learning through images. Always place infographics in your articles where you share a percentage of something related to the theme.

These images can also be optimized by placing the keyword that you want in the image title. This is done before you upload the picture. Also, some of the people don’t even look at the numbers with some thinking they are just focusing on the graphics or design. This means that you should make them high quality so it will attract users. It’s also important to have correct data and trusted links because that can also be recognized.

Detailed Content

The landing page and content on it is the first thing users will see when they visit your website. It’s true that people like things to be simple, but when we need some information, it is best that you have all the details they will need. If you have a blog and there isn’t enough detail about a certain topic, users will try to find it on other blogs.

There is also a trick when you place a link of your other page that is related to the end of your post, so they can have more information. This way there is a higher chance they will stay on your website. The content shouldn’t be too long because not many people have the time or patience to read everything.

Connection with Social Media

You would like to boost your social media accounts and link your website there. People are spending more time on social media than ever, so when you have quality content there is more chance they will visit your website. Investing time and money in social media marketing can be a great start to gain traffic to your page.

When there are many links to your page and page shares, you can expect more audience. When you build a constant flow to your page, you can expand it even further and use it for other projects. But, it is crucial to get informed about your niche and how to do the marketing for that specific niche.

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