SEO For WordPress – Tips For Page Ranking

If you online and start browsing pages, you will notice that these are designed for specific purposes. Most of the pages provide information, facts, and figures about millions of topics. While other pages are focused on selling various products and services. These are the reasons why you find them relevant, right? Actually, the contents allow you to decide whether to stay or leave a particular page. When you find it interesting, you stay longer and may even keep on visiting the site. Well, that will likely happen, if your page was optimized for ranking.

The secret to attracting traffic is to apply SEO on your company or business site. To do this, you need to design a website that is specifically meant for search engine rankings, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, where viewers do their research. It would be helpful to take a look at companies like Viva Traffic, to find SEO experts, who can build you a site, using WordPress. This is one of the most convenient platforms that web designers and SEO experts can use to optimize your pages. Of course, when things are working according to the plan, it will then help in boosting your ranking.

It really sounds so simple, if you have all the skills required. That is why it is important to look for experts to help you not only in the content, but with the design, structure, and features as well. A website that is not meant for SEO purposes may just simply add video clips, images, texts, and basic links. Are these components relevant to the page and viewers? I guess, you need to know more about the necessity of optimizing a particular site, if you would like viewers to find you online.

Setting Permalinks

If you are going to look at the address bar of a page, you will find there the URL or the Uniform Resource Locator. This is often called as your web address, which specifies and refers to your site’s location over the network. Without this address, a researcher will not be able to find and view your web site.

Luckily, WordPress has made things easier for you because they have default settings to be used as permalinks. You just need to make sure that you will be using a permalink that is acceptable by WordPress. An example of a bad permalink is, while a good one is

Using Analytic tool

One of the most popular tools that Google developed, is the Google Analytics. Or you can use other tools collection like Megri Webmaster Tools for analyzing your website by all means. This is offered for free to help you in tracking the traffic on your web site. Check this out for further readings.

You will be needing this tool to know the traffic source and how your audience behaves. It will also help in locating errors like the 404 error page. And then, it is an ideal tool to help fight spamming and unwanted pop ups.

SEO Plugins

It is also important for you to include plugins like Yoast SEO and luckily WordPress offers it. This is indeed a solution that will aide in taking care of your Meta title, description, tag and keyword. It’s because these details will be analyzed as a content.

Since you are after designing a page for search engine optimization, then this plugin will enhance the on-page SEO. That is done through a snippet preview of the search results in Google.

Using SEO Themes

The WordPress has a lot of themes to choose from at Now, since this page that you are designing will be used for SEO, then you have to make sure that the theme would meet your needs.

When a viewer opens your page, it must load fast. This means that the speed is greatly considered. Another factor is the codes that you will apply. Make sure that it will be written properly and neatly. In this case, you can avoid occurring errors.

Correct Links

You should not forget that you need to have links on your page. It could be a link within the web site or to another one. When you link within, you are trying to make the audience experience your site. This will allow them to get used to your page.

Now, when you are linking to other pages, you have to make sure that it will still be relevant to your content and to the viewer. It’s like, you are making things easier for the researcher, especially, if he is in need of huge information to gather.

Do you know that you also need to learn how to utilize your anchor text? You always see this underlined link in the color blue and then, clicking it will take you to a different location in or out of the current page you are visiting. But make sure that when you find it in the content, you will already know where it is leading the audience.

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