Slow Or Delayed Directory Submission Services

Business Directory Submission is the cheapest and best way to get traffic and a one-way link for your site. Blog Directory Submission Company usually takes the job and manual submissions are completed within the shortest time. Now the days Local Business Directory Submission service is also a famous method for increasing your business ranking in the search engine. What is the effect of such submissions on your website ranking in search engine results?

The problem lies where the submission companies submit more than 200 web directories in a day and employ more than 2-3 directory submitters on submission of one site. There can be a negative impact on your website’s search engine positioning and link popularity.

  • If your website is new and in a short span your get more than 300-400 links it becomes unnatural link building and there are chances that your site may be put into the sandbox.
  • A filter may be applied on your website by search engines like Google and search engine ranking may effect.
  • You may get penalties from search engines for artificial links or low trust rank links.

In conclusion, you should advise the Business Directory Submission not to submit more than 50 submissions a day if you have got a package of 1000 directory submissions. In my opinion, you must get your site submitted in directories within a period of one month. It may cost but the results will be quite effective. The concept is well known as slow and delayed directory submission services.