Should You Obsess Over Link Count? Google’s John Mueller Says No

Link Building

Backlinks have long been considered a key factor in SEO. However, Google’s John Mueller says that focusing on the number of backlinks may not be the best strategy. Instead, he recommends creating high-quality content people naturally want to link to. This organic approach is more sustainable and aligns better with Google’s goal of delivering the … Read more

Streamline Your Holiday Rush: 3 Essential Google Features for Last-Minute Shoppers

gmail Features

Introduction: The Plight of the Procrastinating Shopper As the holiday season accelerates, many find themselves in the familiar whirlwind of last-minute shopping. You’re not alone if you’re scrambling for gifts. With many shoppers identifying as procrastinators and a noticeable spike in searches for “overnight shipping” in December, the need for efficient shopping solutions is more … Read more

Google Update: Users To Find The Information They Need


Today, we’re introducing new improvements to Search to find the information that’s most helpful for you, no matter how specific your question Google  Google has announced a new update to its search engine that aims to make it easier for users to find the information they need. The update includes several new features, such as: … Read more

Google Introduces New Vehicle Listing Structured Data for Car Dealerships


Google has introduced new vehicle listing structured data for car dealerships aimed at helping them increase visibility for their inventory. The new markup allows dealerships to provide more detailed information about their vehicles, such as the make, model, year, mileage, condition, and price. Google can then use this information to display richer search results and … Read more

The Impact of Errors on Search Engine Interaction: A Study of Digital Terrain

Dns Errors, Network Errors, Server Errors And Client Errors

Sometimes, Google receives questions about mistakes that might have been displayed for websites in the Search Console. Sometimes, people also get confused about where these mistakes came from. This is okay to feel this way because many problems can happen when trying to visit websites. But these problems are connected to a specific system that … Read more

Google Allows to Add Social Media Links to Their Business Profiles

Social Media

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses of all sizes. One way to enhance your online visibility is by claiming and optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) profile. GMB profiles were recently limited to basic information such as address, hours, and contact details. However, Google has now introduced a … Read more

Google October 2022 Spam Algorithm Update Rolling Out Now


Google confirmed that an algorithm change aimed at combating spam is now being rolled out to search results globally and in all languages. According to Google, the October 2022 spam upgrade is expected to take several days. The company is calling this update the “October 2022 spam update.” It will take effect in about a … Read more

3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs SEO


Companies work for a profit. That’s an unbeaten fact. Profit is made differently for different companies, but one thing is common for everyone. If you don’t invest in marketing, your company will soon become non-profit as other players will take over the market. You can go for inhouse SEO or outsource it  This is why … Read more