Bringing AI Superpowers to Google Search for Everyone

Introduction: Google has been working on adding a special kind of technology called generative AI, to its search engine. This technology Googel Bard helps people find information more easily and suggests things like videos and travel tips. They’ve been testing this technology in some countries and have learned much from it. SGE is currently available in the US in English and Spanish. It is available in English, Hindi, and Japanese in India and Japan. Users can opt into SGE by going to Google Labs and enabling the AI in the Search setting.

Making AI Search Available in More Places: Now, Google is making this special AI search available in more countries, like India and Japan. This means more people around the world can use it. It helps them learn about topics faster, find different ideas, and do things more quickly.

  • People can use this AI search in their languages in India and Japan.
  • In India, a special feature lets people easily switch between English and Hindi.
  • People can also talk to the search engine instead of typing, and it will talk back to them.
  • Ads will still show up but in their special places on the page.

Learning from Trying New Things: After trying this AI search for a few months, Google found some interesting things:

  • People like using it, especially young people.
  • People are using it for harder questions and asking questions like talking to a friend.
  • The AI search helps people find things they didn’t know they could ask about before.

Making Searching Even Better: Google is working to make this special AI search even better:

  • It’s making it easy to find web pages that have more information about what the AI search shows.
  • You’ll see a little arrow icon next to some information, and if you click it, you’ll find more details from other websites.
  • This will start in the U.S. and later come to Japan and India.
  • Google is listening to people’s thoughts about this AI search and trying to make it more helpful.

Conclusion: Google uses special technology to make searching for things online easier and more fun. They’re testing it in more countries, learning from people’s experiences, and making it even better based on what people say. It’s all about helping everyone find what they need quickly.

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