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Updates 30.10.2023
Updates 23.10.2023

Updates 31.10.203

Bard’s responses can now appear in real-time

The real-time responses feature allows Bard to show its responses while they are still being generated. This means that users can start reading Bard’s responses as they are being written, without having to wait for the full response to appear. This can be helpful for users who are brainstorming ideas or working on creative projects, as it allows them to get feedback from Bard quickly and easily.

Bard is here to accelerate your creative process.

This is a significant improvement, as it can help users to stay in the creative flow and iterate on their ideas faster. You can simply try out different ideas with Bard and see what works best. Bard’s output generated in real time can be inspiring and motivating.

Updates 23.10.203

Google Bard received a number of new updates on October 23, 2023, including the ability to summarize more of your emails and share conversations with images. Learn more about these new features and how to use them to improve your productivity.

Google’s AI language model, Bard, has been updated with two new features: the ability to summarize more emails at a time and the ability to support uploaded images in shared conversations.

The first feature is part of the Workspace Extension, which allows Bard to interact with Google Workspace apps like Gmail and Docs. With the update, Bard can now summarize up to 10 emails at a time, up from the previous limit of 5. This is a welcome change for users who have large inboxes or who need to quickly summarize a series of related emails.

The second feature allows users to upload images and share them with others in their Bard conversations. This can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as brainstorming creative ideas, collaborating on projects, or simply sharing funny or interesting images.

To be experts in Google Bard AI, you must know how to create Bard Chat prompts.

These new features are designed to make Bard more helpful and efficient for users. The ability to summarize more emails at a time will save users time, and the ability to support uploaded images in shared conversations will make it easier for users to collaborate with Bard and others on creative projects.

Example of How to Use the Latest Update Feature

Here are some examples of how these new features can be used:

  1. A sales representative can use the Workspace Extension to summarize all of their emails from a particular customer in the past week.
  2. A marketing manager can use the Workspace Extension to summarize the results of a recent email campaign.
  3. A group of students can use Bard to collaborate on a writing assignment by uploading images and sharing them in a Bard conversation.
  4. A group of friends can use Bard to brainstorm creative ideas for a costume party by uploading images of costumes they like.
  5. Summarize more of your emails: If you have a lot of emails to go through, you can ask Bard to summarize the most important ones for you. For example, you could say: “Bard, summarize my most recent emails from my boss.”
  6. Ask for recent emails: If you need to catch up on your inbox, you can ask Bard for a summary of your recent emails. For example, you could say: “Bard, summarize my emails from the past 24 hours.”
  7. Summarize all your emails about the upcoming product launch: “@Gmail Summarize my recent emails about the upcoming product launch.”
  8. Share conversations with images: If you have a conversation that includes an image, you can now share it with others, who will be able to see the image as well. This is great for sharing creative ideas or for sharing conversations that are relevant to a specific topic.
  9. Share a photo of your new puppy with your friends and family: Upload a photo of your puppy to a Bard chat and then share the chat with your friends and family.
  10. Collaborate on a project with your team members: Share a Bard chat with your team members and then upload images, documents, and other files to the chat.

These updates are just the latest in a series of improvements that Google made to Bard. The team is constantly working to make Bard more helpful and informative, and these new features are a welcome addition.

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