Google Warnings for Guest Posting – A History

A recent post by Matt Cutts on his blog regarding guest blogging for SEO spam has created a lot of buzz in the SEO marketing industry. While blogging is ready to see strict action from the Google spam team on various blogs. I have studied the history of Google views on a guest blog post and found, after having a few pieces of advice on how to do guest blogging now, Google has come forward to penalize the guest bloggers or guest blogging service sites. Below is the summary of Matt Cutts view from time to time

  • In October 2012: VIDEO Matt Cutts favoured the guest post by experts in specific niches and rejected the SEO approach of spun content on various blogs.
  • In July 2013, Google engineer John Mueller advised having a nofollow link in blog posts, especially when you are writing for the purpose of link building or SEO.
  • In October 2013, Matt Cutts warned against mass guest blogging and advised that guest posting should be done in moderation to avoid Google action.
  • In Dec 2013, Matt Cutts again discussed the spun content guest blog post and spammy guest posting.

At last, on Jan 20, 2014, Matt Cutts confirmed on their blog that Guest posting with the aim of getting links for SEO purposes is against Google quality guidelines, and Google will take action.

So finally, Google is ready to change its algorithm to find low-quality guest posts or blogging just to get links. The best way to pitch the quality blogger in your niche and share your knowledgeable best content with them to share among their viewers is best known as brand Influencer outreach services.

Guest Blog Posting is organic and good if done with the intention of branding, exposure, visibility, reach and for community.