Marketing Automation Features Every Business Needs

Ecommerce is amongst the most widely used arenas for marketing automation. Automation can be used on your eCommerce marketing automation site to carry out most tasks, ranging from enhancing currency conversion rates to predicting customer behavior and increasing repeat sales.


Here are  5 ways through which marketing automation will enhance sales on an eCommerce platform.

Managing Cart Abandonment

According to the card abandonment rate lists by Bayard, about 68% of shoppers put items in the cart and never come back. If this rate is similar to what you have on your personal eCommerce platform, chances are that you are missing out on about 75% of your sales and prospective buyers.

Cart abandonment can prove detrimental to an eCommerce site when you put into perspective all the revenue that you would have been pulling in, even if about 50% of potential customers end up completing the sale.

There are some steps to checkmate abandonment. Ensuring a simpler checkout process, and giving users the luxury of choosing different payment methods are some very helpful solutions. One of the most important ways marketing automation can help curb this problem is by using abandonment emails. Abandonment emails enable you to reach out to as many prospective and would-be buyers who have left items in the cart unattended for a specific period of time.

Detailed Analytics

In an eCommerce business, it is important to keep track of data and customer behavior/patterns when using your site for shopping. One of the best ways of running a successful eCommerce business is, using analytics. The majority of the marketing automation tools will integrate with platforms such as KISSmetrics and also Google analytics. This will help keep a record of a whole range of data and conversion statistics you probably never considered. This platform will give you great insight on how best to improve your eCommerce site, from as little as changing the design of your social buttons or navigation bar to the idea of ditching the free shipping option.

You can see detailed statistics/data like your major traffic sources, the average amount of products visiting users view, cart to checkout conversion rate and many more.

Investigate Customer Demographics

Marketing automation also helps you understand the demographics of your e-commerce platform. With geo-targeting, you’ll be able to narrow down regions/locations that offer you the most profitable traffic/users. This data can be used to efficiently channel advertising to the right users. Once prospective visitors become buyers or registered users, you would have more data to dwell upon to increase sales. By using detailed analytics, you would identify your best traffic sources/buyer regions and tailor your marketing efforts toward those regions.

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