3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs SEO

Companies work for a profit. That’s an unbeaten fact. Profit is made differently for different companies, but one thing is common for everyone. If you don’t invest in marketing, your company will soon become non-profit as other players will take over the market. You can go for inhouse SEO or outsource it 

This is why we’re about to talk about the benefits of SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Everything today is happening online, and if you don’t own a web page, your business is missing a great link in the development.

Here are the 3 main reasons why your company absolutely must pay attention to optimizing the web page to become more successful. Read on and find out!

1. Google is King

SEO helps your business rate higher on search engines, especially Google, the absolute and ultimate number one search engine on the internet. Google is King, and if you’re not out there, you don’t exist. It is so great that some people are seriously comparing it to God. See more about it here.

Remember how a few decades ago public telephone booths used to have this huge book with telephone numbers of people and companies? Well, Google is the big book today and your Smartphone is the booth.

You need to put your company in it, but the process is more complex now. You can’t just list in your company, you need to make a flawless SEO strategy. This is something you can’t do on your own because SEO is a complete science on its own and no one knows all the secrets to it. However, professionals surely know much more than you do, so it’s best you let them do this for you.

2. Targeting the audience

There are billions of companies in the world working with different products. So many of these products have nothing to do with your company, but somehow, when you open the search engine, the first result when you type in the book business, for example, are some articles that have nothing to do with the publishing industry. Your name is somewhere on the 207th page; who knows, maybe.

The good thing is, that the internet is global, but local business acts locally. So if you’re a new book publishing company from Liverpool, UK, you can benefit by knowing that your audience is from Liverpool and the area. The best you can do for your business is to hire a local SEO company because they will best know how to get to the locals. Their research has surely told them what people in Liverpool google when they want to find something related to books.

3. You’re not a brand unless Google says so

Yes, you can see that we keep mentioning Google, but it’s never enough to remind you that Google is everything. Company owners, especially those who created their businesses in the last century, can’t accept that their business depends on technology. They created a brand that’s sustainable and think that the business will flow as usual.

The problem that they don’t see is that, sooner or later, technology will take its toll. All global brands managed to stay on top by accepting this fact. They all have special departments working on keeping their place on top. Ignoring this will only make the business fall apart sooner.

If you’re a company owner who’s confident you own a brand, just type in what your business is related to without writing your company’s name in the search engine and see if you can find yourself anywhere. The catch is that users and customers are not obsessed with your products. Unless you’re Shakespeare, and you’re not, people won’t Google to see what you’re about to do today. You need to promote your new products. If we keep up with the example, you must promote the new author you’re publishing, and in the ocean of new authors and millions of books, this is not an easy job.


SEO is kind of finding your place online where most of the things are happening today. Shopping is also moving from the stores to the internet. 

Over 200 million Americans are shopping online today, and this number will only go up. So, adjust fast to these new waves of business.

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