Things You Should Keep In Mind While Designing A Letterhead

Letterheads still play an important role in the corporate world and can be deemed as equally important as the humble email! Similar to the email, letterheads too fell out of favor for some time but people in the business world soon realized their importance in maintaining the image of a brand.

Being the owner of a big company, when you receive a letter, be it handwritten or printed in a blank paper from your client, can leave a certain impression on you. When the same letter is written on a beautifully designed letterhead, it’s all a different ballgame from here. A beautifully designed letterhead helps in striking a positive image of a company in the minds of the reader.

Without further ado, let us take a look at some important things you should keep in mind while designing a letterhead.

A simple design goes a long way!

A simple design is the winner’s way! A letterhead is a mere delivery mechanism meaning that is should appear and feel great at the hands of a person. It is to choose a simple yet aesthetically pleasing design that creates the room for the message or the letter to be printed or written over it.

It is best to go with a design that helps in showcasing content and not trying to compete with the same to keep the reader engaged! What one can do to make sure that the design scheme they have chosen is ideal or not is to ask themselves whether the design elements are overpowering each other. If the answer to the question is yes then it is better to redesign the same.

Use the right software

Okay, there are several instances when you will be tempted to use the humble Photoshop for designing your letterhead. To be fair, it is perfectly capable of enabling you to design and create a stunning letterhead in no time. However, there are several other, more capable designing tools available for the said purpose.

One can start talking about the list of possibly the best tools for designing a letterhead and In Design or the Illustrator would certainly be on top of that list! These two tools are extremely popular in the designing communities around the world for their fluidic typographical controls and vector-based results. In simple words, both these tools would allow you to draw and design impeccable letterheads easily!

Be sure that your design is representing your brand in an effective way!

Branding is the heart of marketing and when you are communicating with someone using a letterhead; you are essentially marketing your brand. Make sure that the design elements, the characters, the colour scheme of the letterhead are par with the flavor of your brand. It is best to include your brand’s logo in your letterhead if you are going with a simple approach. A logo is the most powerful element of a letterhead and it should be used in a way that is most fruitful! Be sure that the font style you have chosen is a formal one as going with Helvetica, or Cambria will not fare well in the corporate world!

Designing a letterhead is a challenging aspect which is common with all creative works. It is best to follow a set of tried and tested steps when one is designing a letterhead for their company. When you follow the above-mentioned pointers while designing your letterhead, you will be ending up with something that is not only incredible to look at but also something that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of the reader with whom you will be communicating with!

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