Updates On The Google Gmail Application For iPhones

The updates on the Gmail application may not seem to be that interesting. However, if the features of the Gmail application recently introduced by Google are considered, you would soon start finding more and more interest in the same. Till now, there has not been a perfect iOS Gmail application for emails. However, Gmail has revamped its usage and look.


Gmail and its new features

Until now, it was possible for you to log into only one account, if you were using the application. This had always been a con for the Gmail users, who would require to use more than one account at a time. However, with the newer revamped model, you may be able to add five separate mailboxes.

As for the stock iOS application, though it has been able to support several Gmail accounts, the only option through which it was possible to push the delivery of the emails into Appleā€™s built-in mail application was to, configure up the Exchange-based Google Sync. However, the newer model brought in by Google, has been able to bridge this gap.

In addition to the option which can help you sue several Gmail accounts, you may also be able to have the option to get different features, which may help you to go on scrolling on an infinite basis along the message lists. You may also be able to have the ability to post direct responses to the application invites from Google Calendar.

The user interface face too looks beautiful than before. However, in order to use the newer application, you will be required to download the newer version. In addition, this newest application works much better and faster than the previous one. The top layer has a lighter color , thereby helping us with better and easier browsing ability, so that we can get the mails much easily than before.

So, fact is that this newer launch is going to be far more, better than the previous version, with the introduction of the newer iPhone last year. The last version did not have the push delivery system, and it did not have the opportunity for the users to enjoy multiple account usage facility.

So, the newer version may bring in a new and enhanced experience for the Gmail users, who have iPhones. However, Google has still not been able to bring on the feature which may help support the feature to view mails even when offline. Though, you can still enjoy the option to enjoy the option to view your last viewed mail.

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