Writing Off-Topic Blog Posts With The Right Focus Is An Art!

Having focused blog Posts is important and the ones who are savvy bloggers know that in the current scenario, it is a big deal. Ensuring that all you are writing for or on your blog is specific as well as relevant to your niche market makes sense. Posting contents that seem to hold less importance may partially or completely dilute the focus of your blog. You may still choose to write on topics that may not be relevant to your niche site but may very well be related to your market as a whole.

So we have just suggested that you can do this and even more but now the point of concern that arises is how and when. You can do the needful without actually losing your focus on your own blog. Read on to find out what actually you can do.

Give Away The Answers

If you are not writing off topic contents for your own blog, you can still let them serve the concerns other readers on different blogs may have. You can always write them off and get them published on other blogs. It can further lead to an amazing and powerful traffic generation strategy for your own blog.

Here are some of the ways in which you are going to find them useful.

  • They would help you in keeping your own blog focussed on the kind of topics you are primarily concerned with
  • They would help you in expanding topics and pushing your limits as required
  • It would make blogging much more fun, particularly when a change is much needed
  • They would also help you reap benefits through traffic building and generation of back links

Approach with Bulleted Points

When you frame your contents in bulleted points, even if you are placing them on your blog, it simply means that you are paying little (and a quicker one) heed to what is going around and want your readers to have a glimpse of the same. By including bullets, you also give your readers an idea about what you are going to cover, your preference of coverage for facts and details, etc.

They can straight away make a decision whether they would be interested in reading your off topic content or no. However, in most cases, the shorter and precise content formats are followed so you get an additional score here. Also, with the help of bullets you want to make clear that beating round the bush is not what you are here to do.

You should also indicate that you are not keen on repeating the same kind of information again and again. This makes you look even more sure and confident about what you are going to write, thereby setting the much desired tone right from the beginning.

How to Grab The Utmost Benefit?

Grabbing the utmost benefit out of your off topic blogging would not go without a few pointers.

  • Make sure that you are not neglecting your own blog while you try to focus on writing the off topic contents for other blogs.
  • Focus on creating a brand image and setting the much desired impression right from your first blog. Even though your contents are being posted on other blogs, it makes sense to maintain harmony.
  • You must positively ensure that your blog posts are of high quality and can also boast of good information resource at the same time. You are surely going to miss a good opportunity of traffic generation.
  • Your focus should not be on the word count only. If you have said your thing within a decent length, you need not stretch the idea without any rhyme or reason. Keep it crisp and impactful.

Don’t Write for The Sake of Writing Only

Writing in order to add ‘just content’ would hardly make a sense. You must ensure that you are not letting your readers lose interest. The primary focus of your writing should be to actually get your points across through content writing in a much concise context. This would keep the readers interested. Good quality should be the call!

Even if you don’t have much to say, the shortage can be compensated through the art of writing but if you are not sure on this one too, better avoid yourself from taking a dive into an ocean where your competitors might be eying just one wrong attempt of yours. Your readers know when you have nothing to say and they are simply wasting their precious time reading you.

Lastly, it should be kept in mind that no matter how much you try, nothing actually beats timing. Focus should be on delivering content and getting them published, provided they are updated and can make sense to the readers. Also don’t promise things you can’t deliver. Instead of making vague claims, focus more on research, examples and resources and relevancy. These should keep you going.

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