LinkedIn Debuts AI-Enhanced Premium Company Pages for Small and Medium Businesses

Discover LinkedIn’s latest offering for small and medium businesses: Premium Company Pages. Enhanced with AI, these pages help boost visibility and engagement through advanced analytics and features like prominent call-to-action buttons and verified badges, all tailored to enhance online presence and attract more visitors.

Introduction to LinkedIn’s New Subscription

LinkedIn, a well-known professional networking platform, has introduced a new subscription option for small and medium businesses. This new feature, called Premium Company Pages, aims to enhance businesses’ online presence.

What Are Premium Company Pages?

Premium Company Pages are a step up from LinkedIn’s standard company pages. Businesses can access several advanced features for a monthly fee of $99.99 or an annual fee of $839.88. These pages are designed to make company profiles more engaging and effective at attracting potential clients and partners.

Key Features of Premium Company Pages

AI-Assisted Content Creation

One of the standout features of the Premium Company Pages is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to help businesses create content. This AI technology suggests content likely to engage viewers, helping businesses maintain an active and appealing presence on the platform.

Enhanced Visitor Tracking and Analytics

Businesses using Premium Company Pages can track who visits their page. This feature provides valuable insights into the types of professionals showing interest in their company, which can be crucial for tailoring marketing and networking strategies.

Increased Visibility and Engagement

The new subscription also includes prominent call-to-action buttons. These buttons are strategically placed to catch the eye of page visitors and encourage them to take actions like contacting the company or visiting its website. Additionally, testimonials and a verified badge lend credibility and trust, enhancing the company’s profile.

LinkedIn’s Strategy and Future Prospects

This initiative is part of LinkedIn’s broader strategy to diversify its revenue sources and increase the platform’s utility. As social media dynamics continue to evolve, LinkedIn is positioning itself as a key resource for businesses looking to expand their reach and influence online.


LinkedIn’s introduction of AI-enhanced Premium Company Pages represents a significant advancement in how businesses can leverage social media for growth and visibility. By integrating modern technology and offering detailed analytics, LinkedIn enhances the tools available to small and medium enterprises in a competitive market.

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