SEO Still Be Effective Without Social Media Marketing? Is it True?

Social Media

The start of a New Year marks a time when significant voices within an industry begin making their predictions for the next twelve months within the said industry.  This is very much the case in search engine optimisation, and numerous ideas and theories have already been put forward about what 2012 holds in store for SEO.  One suggestion that really jumped out at me came from Rand Fishkin at Moz, who said,  long back “SEO without social media will become a relic of the past”.  I’m a big fan of social media marketing, and while I don’t necessarily believe SEO without social media marketing will become extinct, I strongly believe that in the right context, social media can increase the efficiency of an SEO campaign tenfold.  I hope to use this blog to explain why I think this is the case.

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How SEO Marketing Can Help Your Small Business


There are many aspects that contribute to the success of a small business, but one of the most important is a web presence. Nowadays, nearly all potential clients use the internet to find businesses when they need a specific product or service. When someone is looking for products or services in your industry, you want that person to easily find the website for your business.

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