The Role Of A Web Designer

Web designers are charged with quite a number of responsibilities, however, they primarily have to make sure any website they are working on appeals rightly to its target audience.

This role is very important to any business, especially in the area of capturing the interest of potential clients. However, we must state here that the role of a web designer doesn’t just stop with designing catchy website interfaces. Times have changed and the roles of web designers have undergone quite a number of revolutionary changes.

Designers are now charged to develop new skills that will be vital for the success of any website. Some of the new skills a designer must learn to include search engine optimization and user experience design. With all these, web developer is now compelled to either develop their skills or be knocked out of business, leading to further blurring of the borders between Web Developers and Web Designers.

What Exactly is User Experience Design?

Yes, being creative in the process of designing a website is something great, but a web designer has to also ensure that the right things are put in the right places or stand a chance of losing views because of negative user experience. A good designer has to find a way to blend human factors with economics if they want to keep people stuck on the website.

For example, most visitors are instinctively moved to look at the top half of the page while it loads, so a designer is left with the challenge of creating something good enough to move visitors to wait until the page is fully loaded.

With growing web actions and people preferring speed over a lot of other critical factors, it has become imperative for designers to understand these key principles when considering placement options, especially as it regards the elements that chiefly come up when a website is clicked.

What is Search Engine Optimizations?

On the other hand, for a designer to design websites to meet modern demands, they need to have proper understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and all the techniques that are used to achieve it.

The proper understanding SEO elements and how they are implemented is key towards getting a good ranking on search engines which is of course pivotal for businesses that depend on online customers.

This is particularly important seeing that seeing that SEO has taken over as an important factor when driving of traffic towards any website is mentioned. Web Designers are arming themselves with the necessary knowledge desired for SEO, so that they can implement SEO techniques during web design.


With all the evolution that has happened overtime in the roles of a web designer or web developer, it is now critical that a business think of a person that understands both aspects when in need of any.

If either a web designer or web developer is lacking in the knowledge of the other, then the website owner will bear the grunts that will arise from trying to get better ranking for their websites .

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