Reasons To Hire A Graphic Designer For Your Website Logo

In today’s digital world, if your business isn’t online, you’re losing thousands of potential customers. If you don’t have a dedicated website and profiles on several social media sites, chances are that you’re already behind your competitors. You do, however, need to do more than just put up a few profiles and have a bare-bones website advertising your company.


The Internet is a very visual medium, and one of the most important things you need in order to successfully conquer the online market is to have a great company logo. However, rather than attempting to design this logo by yourself, you should seek the help of a professional. Here are several reasons why.

You Don’t Have the Tools

One reason why logo experts are able to create the amazing logos that they do is because they have the correct tools at their disposal. These designers have invested a good amount of money in software programs and computer equipment, which allow them to draw, edit, and manipulate images to create the perfect logo. If you try creating a logo in a basic program, chances are that it’s not going to have a crisp, professional look to it, especially when compared to one created by a graphics design program. It will also be much harder to do.

You’ll Save Time

This leads into the second point: time. Creating a logo takes a large amount of time and work. In many cases, a professional will create several rough ideas of a logo before deciding which one works best for the website that he or she is designing. If you’re running a small e-commerce site or are working a fulltime job while serving as a Webmaster for a site during your off hours, you might not have the time to invest in a logo. Logo design is more than just creating a quick image that somehow relates to your website.

Size Matters

One thing that do-it-yourself webmasters often don’t consider is the logo’s actual size. They specifically put together an image for use on their website without ever thinking about how it will look in other places, including on social media sites, on business cards, and even on print media. Some of these images end up looking incredibly pixelated when used on anything else, while others turn out to be so distorted or hard to see when shrunk down that they can’t be used for something such as a social media profile picture. The size of an image is often directly connected to the quality of that image, which is something that professional designers always take into consideration.

It’s More than an Image

Logos are more than just a simple image. They’re a visual summary of everything your business stands for. Creating such a summary isn’t easy, which is why engaging the talents and creativity of a professional logo designer is so important. Beyond appearing on your website, your logo will be on social media, used in your emails, and it will appear as your app shortcut image on a smartphone. This is one area you simply can’t afford to cut corners on; no matter what your website’s purpose is.

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