Why Should You Always Hire A Web Design Company?

One of the greatest developments in the world of web design to have happened is the continuous introduction of website builders. Even some WordPress themes are in effect website builders of their own thanks to plug-ins that make it easy to add features to your website without any coding experience. That said, just because you can use website builders or user-friendly WordPress apps does not always mean you can do without a web development company. You can create a good blog design from influencers and bloggers.

WordPress Site Builders

One of the problems with a WordPress builder is that on the face of it your website may look very nice once you have designed it. However, you also need to make sure that the tools you have used to build the site look good on mobile devices. This can often be an issue because the mobile load speed of the site can be very low if you place too much code on the page.

WordPress is not all that great at compressing images either. Images are a major contributor to slowing down not only mobile speed but also desktop load speed. If you are looking to advertise on Google Ads or have your site ranking well on search engines such as Google, then site speed is very important.

Hiring a web developer to plan your site out for you and make sure that you have a mobile-friendly design is very important. Unless you have coding knowledge, you can edit the WordPress CSS, and get into the editor to make changes to your WordPress site, a web design company will always be required.

Website Builders

As easy as website builders are to use, they can often be a pain to configure. Nearly all web development companies out there have employees that are experienced with nearly all manner of website builders. The reason for this is that website builders are the perfect solution to sell website designs to customers that have low budgets.

If you do not have time to commit to building your website and you have a low budget, then hiring a web developer is your best bet. You will get a fully mobile responsive site and 24/7 support from the website builder’s web team for a small monthly fee.

You will also have the help of the web development company that designed your website builder site for you. As a result, you will save yourself hours of your time thus allowing you to concentrate on building your business.

Going back to the site load speeds, you will always need a web developer to make sure your site is as mobile-friendly as possible. It is very easy to go over the top and create a long home page with images, video, and text. With all this additional HTML on your website’s home page, you could negatively affect your site’s AdWords and SEO performance.

In the end, web development companies do not have to design the entire site for you, but you will need them at some point to ensure your website is running at optimal speeds. For more information, check out this web design company in London.

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