Methods of Data Transmission

For data transmission various methods are used:-

  • Synchronous Transmission
  • Asynchronous Transmission

Synchronous Transmission

This method of data transmission involves block of characters that are transmitted at regular time sequences. Each of the block of characters is marked with synchronization characters. The receiving end, accepts the data block, till it detects the ending character or after a predefined number of characters are received, indicating end of a message.

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Multiplexer and Demultiplexer

In computer networks, multiplexing is used to refer to a process where multiple channels are combined together to form a single bandwidth, and is transferred across the communication media. As we have cable in t.v. which gives plenty of channels in a single wire. This technique helps in making the transmission more inexpensive by transmitting the expensive signals. The device which perform this task is known as Multiplexer ( MUX ). So, it reveals that the multiplexing is a process of combining many channels in to one single bandwidth.

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Congestion in Network

Data is transferred from the source to the destination in a network. Sometimes the data is transferred in bulk in the network which affects the traffic. Now, if the traffic gets more and more in the network, therefore increasing the congestion. This leads to delay in data receiving or sending packet loss, and blocking of the connection resulting in the capacity of the network.

Network Congestion:- Network protocols are there which help in reducing the network traffic, by taking the SHORTEST PATH ALGORITHM which says that, the data is routed by seeing the shortest path of the desired destination.

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Article Writing and Submission of Articles

Article Submission is the way to promote your website and link that produces true results almost immediately. Our specialists provide you with full reports to ensure that you stay on top of your link campaign. Article submission is a service in which individuals can search and required documents through any keyword. As name keyword depicts that it is a key, but the key for searching any article or any document. This helps a person not to waste any time just searching. Keywords help to give a response(document) in which it is found.

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Search Engine Optimization, History and Facts

Search engine marketing started out in 2001, the first pay-per-click search engine was Overture. Search engine optimization had been around for a while and to generate the traffic and targeted nature of search engines realized there could be a quicker and easier way to list websites. This was the birth of pay per click (PPC).

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Why You Need Search Engine Submission Services

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Social BookMarking Submission Services

Social bookmarking is a method for internet users to organize, store, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the internet with the help of meta data. In this, users save links to web pages that they want to remember or share. Storing your bookmarks online, tagging them to remember why you wanted to save them and what you might want them for in the future. These bookmarks are usually public and can be saved privately, shared only with specified people or groups, and shared only inside certain networks. The allowed people can usually view these bookmarks chronologically/systematically, by tags, or via a search engine.

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INTERNET is a wide term to be explained. INTERNET literary means network of networks i.e, it is the networking of the inter-related computers. There are two different terminologies to be kept in mind, that are:- (i). INTERNET (ii).INTRANET INTERNET deals with WAN and MAN. Where WAN stands for Wide Area Network and MAN stands for … Read more